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Common Tones

Randy Napoleon

Common Tones


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Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Common Tones features four generations of musicians. The first eight tunes were recorded with the younger artists, each of whom has been quickly establishing their place in the world of jazz in recent years. The next four tracks, which were performed with the veteran players, form and homage to two of Napoleon’s most influential mentors, tenor saxophonist Donald Walden and trumpeter Louis Smith. And the final tune, “Lessons Learned,” brings it all together.

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  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  • Common Tones
  • You’ve Got To Hang On
  • I Married An Angel
  • Saber Rattle
  • How It Might Have Been
  • Where It Ends
  • The Song Is You
  • Signed Dizzy, With Love
  • Bakin’
  • If DW Were Here
  • Mr. Smith
  • Lessons Learned

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Feature Spotlight

Randy Napoleon

Common Tones is Napoleon’s second record on Detroit Music Factory. It explores the balance that comes from the intergenerational musical exchange that is as foundational to jazz as any elements of sound or expression.

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Latest News

03 | Oct

“Common Tones” is finally here

Randy Napoleon’s sophomore record with Detroit Music Factory is finally here!

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10 | Jul

After six decades, Motown legend Dennis Coffey releases first traditional jazz album

Inside the mythic Studio A exhibit at the Motown Museum, you can see an actual Gibson 335 guitar and wah-wah pedal Dennis Coffey would use in recording “Cloud Nine,” “Just My Imagination,” and countless other R&B classics. It’s positioned in the exact location where he performed his tracks.

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16 | May

“Three and One” by Miles Brown makes it’s way onto a recent Podcast

We also have a Surprise treat, a new song by fan Miles Brown called “Three to One” off of his new release “Evidence of Soul and Body.” Its a Jazz Record to be released May 17th by Detroit Music Factory Records.

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