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Xavier Davis - Rise Up Detroit

Xavier Davis - Rise Up Detroit

Xavier Davis - Rise Up Detroit


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“Rise Up Detroit” is more than just a Detroit-inspired jazz record. Taken individually, any one of the suite’s movements can stand alone as an outstanding piece of music; it has all the elements: beautiful composition, skillful arrangement, excellent musicianship … But Davis’s approach to “Rise Up Detroit” is much more deliberate, much more intentional. It’s wholistic. It’s storytelling.

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  • Prologue
  • Detroit Underground
  • Oh Henry
  • The Great Migration
  • Black Paradise (interlude)
  • Black Paradise
  • The Unfreeway (interlude)
  • Exodus
  • Exodus (interlude)
  • Model City
  • Meditation

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Randy Napoleon

Randy Napoleon has an all-finger approach; at least that’s what George Benson says of the Detroit-based jazz guitarist, whose highly melodic and groove-oriented style showcases a harmonic richness and giant acoustic sound.

“He doesn’t use just thumb or pick,” observes Benson in a 2010 interview with Vintage Guitar Magazine. “He’s spectacular.”

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