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You Know The Feeling

Anthony Stanco

You Know The Feeling

DMF 2022

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The Sum of Its Parts

  • The Sum of Its Parts
  • Pursuit
  • Better Together
  • Keep It To Yourself
  • Blues Comes In Many Colors
  • Serenity
  • The Juggling Act
  • Juicy Lucy
  • For Tomorrow

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Anthony Stanco

Trumpeter Anthony Stanco brings a fresh sound to a standard artform with this body of work. From the melodious ballads to the swing tracks, you can hear the heart and soul that went into the compositions as well as the knowledge absorption of his mentors. 
Being his first release on Detroit Music Factory, “You Know The Feeling” is a great introduction to the music world. It is equally yoked and illustrates this frontman’s talent. This record has heavy hitters assembled on it, including Michael Dease and Rodney Whitaker, just to single out two.

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Latest News

15 | Apr

30th Annual Detroit Music Award Winner

Detroit Music Factory wins it’s 5th Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Local Record Label” at the 30th Annual Music Awards Show.

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14 | Apr

The Detroit Jazz Festival presents: JAZZ FROM THE CELLAR - Friday April 16, 2021 9pm ~ 10pm

Livestream on Detroit JazzFest LIVE!
LIVE broadcast on
WDET 101.9 fm

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07 | Apr

We’ve lost a Musical Giant

Gary Schunk was a pianists, pianist. He will surely be missed.

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