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21 | Apr

Planet D Nonet Nominated for “Outstanding Jazz Recording” for “Salute to Strayhorn”

Planet D Nonet follow up their debut release, “Swingin’ the D” with a huge sophomore project entitled, “Salute to Strayhorn”

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05 | Dec

Strayhorn Family endorses “Salute to Strayhorn” by Planet D Nonet

The latest release from Detroit’s Planet D Nonet is a tribute to one of the 20th Century’s jazz and swing greats.

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07 | Nov

LISTEN: Planet D Nonet, ‘Just a-Sittin’ and a-Rockin’,’ exclusive debut

Composer-arranger Billy Strayhorn (1915-67) was a major figure in American music, best known during his life and for decades after his death as Duke Ellington’s collaborator. But in the last 20 years, thanks to pioneering biographical and musicological scholarship and recordings from a variety of sources, Strayhorn’s reputation has finally managed to escape Ellington’s shadow.

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19 | Oct

Planet D Nonet Salutes Strayhorn

“The band retains the agility of a small group,” says Spangler, “but with the harmonic palette of a larger one.”

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27 | Apr

Jazz Guitarist Randy Napoleon Unveils New CD SOON

“He’s spectacular.” That’s what guitarist George Benson says of Brooklyn-born professor of jazz guitar at Michigan State University, whose highly melodic and groove-oriented style showcases a harmonic richness and giant acoustic sound.

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15 | Mar

Guitarist Randy Napoleon Releases new CD entitled, “Soon”

The highly anticipated CD entitled, “Soon” by Randy Napoleon to be released April 8, 2016

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