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Back In Your Own Backyard

Tbone Paxton & the RJ Spangler Quartet

Back In Your Own Backyard


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Back In Your Own Backyard

John “Tbone” Paxton’s discography spans dozens and dozens of recording projects, but his 2020 release on Detroit Music Factory,

Back in Your Own Backyard marks the first time he’s the featured artist on a full-length CD. He’s joined on the record by his longtime musical partner and fellow Detroit Music Factory recording artist, drummer RJ Spangler, as well as the RJ Spangler Quartet,

and a number of guest artists.

Tbone’s performance throughout the record is much like his live performances. Behind the trombone, he connects with his audience through his soulful phrasing and sense of swing. When he steps out as a singer, he breaks down the distance between the music and the listener with a vocal delivery that imbues the lyrics with personal meaning. When he sings, he feels it, and so do you.

“My perspective is from live performance,” he says. “It’s what I’ve done my whole life. My main concern as an artist is to be emotionally honest and authentic. When you do that, people get it. They understand the music.”

While the music of Back in Your Own Backyard was written nearly a hundred years ago, Tbone finds energy in a growing number of younger listeners. He points out that the live music scene in New Orleans is filled with enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s that are fully engaged, from a deep cultural understanding, with pre-war jazz.

“Young people are really digging reaching back in time,” says Tbone. “Because it’s jazz, there’s still freshness and spontaneity in the

experience. It’s still being performed live so they’re able to appreciate it for the artistry that it is.”

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John T-Bone Paxton & RJ Spangler Quartet to host release party for new album

John T-Bone Paxton and the RJ Spangler Quartet will host an release party for their new album, “Back in Your Own Backyard.”

It’ll be held on Sunday, March 1, at Cliff Bell’s in downtown Detroit. The start time is set for 7 p.m.

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John ‘Tbone’ Paxton and RJ Spangler release album of pre-WWII standards at Cliff Bell’s in Detroit

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